Early 2012, President Jonathan came out publicly to say (except he said this under duress) that the dreaded Islamic sect, Boko Haram served in his cabinet. After making this careless statement many thought it was one of those” unpresidential” remarks which the President is known to make. But to those who know, this statement was a major clue to deciphering the real sponsors of insecurity in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, a Governor at any time (t) has not less than N500 million for “security vote” let alone the President. This was the major premise of my argument that the major beneficiary of insecurity particularly with the Boko Haram will ultimately be Mr. President. So was my thought at that time.

Shallow minded elements amongst us did their usual best to divert attentions from the real issues. The smart ones amongst us were far too intelligent for them to fall cheaply for primordial lies. Herein come lays Lord of Lies!

My intuition was confirmed later in 2012 when General Adrew Azazi (rtd) the then National Security Adviser(NSA) told us what the Lord of Lies does not want to hear: Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) was behind the veil of Boko Haram!

After the General made this statement, we knew it was only living on borrowed time on his job. As predicted he got sacked as NSA and later died under controversial circumstances in a plane crash. May God help us!

It does not take the intelligence of Albert Einstein to see the perfect connections. Let’s not forget, Mr President knows the BH served in his cabinet. The BH members in the President kitchen cabinet “advised” him to sack General Azazi as NSA for revealing them. Suddenly these same Boko Haram “arranged” for a plane crash for the General for saying what the Lord of Lies did not want him to say. Yet the Lord of Lies wants us to believe he is fighting Boko Haram hence shifting the blame on his opponents!

Another thing in 2012 still caught my attention. Senator Ali Ndume, representing Southern Bornu on the platform of All Nigerian Peoples Party (ANPP) in the Senate was paraded by the Department of State Security (DSS) as the sponsor of BH. Since the Senator joined the PDP no one has heard anything about his case anymore. He is now home and dry. The Lord of Lies is still looking for the sponsors of BH!
I need not dwell much on Senator Ali Modu Sherriff’s case. It has been well discussed and documented. The PDP spokesman Mr Olisa Mettuh accused the All Progressives Congress (APC) in early 2014 of harbouring the primary sponsor of BH hence the party was behind BH. Since Modu Sherriff joined the PDP the tune has since changed. The Lord of Lies!

Recently the Nigerian Army requested the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to shift the February 14 elections by six weeks to enable it confront the terrorists. A dramatic event happened in Gombe when the sect attacked the state: An air raid of fliers warning the residents to stay away from the elections hence they be attacked (written in Hausa) became visible. The question is: Who is distributing these fliers? At what point dis Boko Haram began to concern itself with elections? Something tells me that the compromised Nigerian Army or the Jonathan’s cabinet faction of Boko Haram was at work to scare people away from voting. These are my best explanations for now.

With the desperation clearly written on the face of the Lord of Lies just to “win” elections, no one can readily determine how far he can go. Under him all institutions, including the Military has been politicized.

The Lord of Lies wants us to believe he is innocent, when in fact he is guilty. He takes personal credit for what is good but shifts the blame on others when things go bad. He once told us that the Military under his command did not” consult” him of their unpreparedness yet he claims he gets “security reports” every hour!
I will end this piece with the instructions of Amilcar Cabral to his comrades during the Guinea-Bissau revolution: “Tell no lies, claim no easy victories, tell it to the people the way it is.” This is an instruction the Lord of Lies must key into.