The Fayose I Know

Sometimes in November, 2014 I wrote under the title OUR GOVERNOR HAS GONE MAD AGAIN on my Facebook wall. The title was inspired by Ola Rotimi’s classic OUR HUSBAND HAS GONE MAD AGAIN, whose central character Col. Ladele, an impulsive, irrational soldier-turned politician was. The said article generated much interest from many of my former colleagues, many of whom were pro-Ekiti State Governor, Ayo Fayose, back then at Ife University. Thanks to Fayoseites(as I now call them), I received the batching of my life. Some even called me unprintable names. From all their replies to the article, two things I could make sense of for their sordid defense of the Governor.

Fayose’s supporters say it to high heavens that he is a man of the people; loved by the people and because of his notorious “Stomach Infrastructure”, the people can die for him!

This argument only reminds me of the central character in Chinua Achebe’s The Man of the People, Chief Nanga. The Chief is a classic example of a corrupt, selfish and opportunistic politician that characterized the First Republic. For those who have read the novel knew how the Chief ended!

The basis trust of the “Stomach Infrastructure” is that life starts and ends in the stomach. Hence, the people must be hungry or be made so. If not, how can one explain a state where workers are owed for up to four months salaries, and the same workers will protest against the impeachment of their employer(the Governor) if not thanks to the “Stomach Infrastructure”?

Still under this notorious scheme, Ekiti is treated like a conquered territory and its people as hungry refugees who must stay on queue just to collect some cups of rice that will last them a day(s) or weeks at most! How then is this different from Amala and Ewedu politics of late Chief Lamidi Adedibu back then at Ibadan? Truly Fayose is a man of the people!

The second thing I could make meaning of from Fayose’s supporters is that they say that is “the beauty of democracy.” These people boast loudly of his victory at the June 21, 2014 gubernatorial election as an act of love from the Ekiti people. I held this opinion initially until, a tape which revealed how the election was “scientifically rigged.” Not that I agreed the election was conducted properly, but that as a Psephologist, I could not provide any justification for the voting patterns in the state to confirm that result. The rest is now history!

Let us forget about the election for now, the Supreme Court has put that to rest some days ago. The Yorubas have a saying: “Ara ija leyin wa” meaning “Biting is part of the game.” Invariably, rigging is part of the election. The caveat being the strict obedience to the 11th Commandment: “Thou shall not get caught!”

One is left to wonder how the same democratic process (election) that threw up legends like Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Margaret Thatcher can also be the same that gave birth to elements like Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini. One is also left at sea as to how Africa can on the one hand throw up giants like Julius Nyerere(Tanzania) and still at the same time nurture Robert Mogabe(Zimbabwe) even though both operated under a one-party system! More mysterious still is the fact that a system that produced someone like Kayode Fayemi. Fayemi is a renowned academic, astute administrator and strategist, and a perfect honourable gentle man on the one hand and still the same system produces someone like Fayose! Such a system is inherently faulty!

Still on the gubernatorial election, Fayose made everyone believe that he is now “Born again.” Some fell for his new trick, but for those of us who know, a leopard does not change its spots. Almost immediately after his election did he returned to his vomit. He declared war on several fronts, first on the Judiciary. He physically attacked a Judge who was presiding at the case on his eligibility to contest the election. Crises started, the courts were closed, and the State never knew peace ever since. In parenthesis, he was impeached in 2006 and by law he is not expected to hold any public office for ten years.

He launched another round of attacks again this time on the Legislature. It took seven members out of the twenty six member state House of Assembly to approve Fayose’s list of Commissioners and “impeach” its speaker Dr.Adewale Omirin under the protection of the Nigerian Police! In parenthesis, 7 out of 26 does not even constitute the Constitutional requirement of one-third to form a quorum. Only Fayose and his loyal supporters can explain the new formula that makes 7 out of 26 to equal one third!

It would have been alright if Fayose remained a local embarrassment. He took his cause too far when early this year he sponsored front page advertorial in several Nigerian Dailies which was calculated at discrediting the All Progressives Congress(APC) presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari, where he listed the General with one of the former Nigerian Heads of State who died in office just because of the General’s age, 72. It took the maturity of Nigerian political leaders particularly those of Northern extraction, for the matter not to degenerate to fracas.

Need we add that his party, Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) which he thought he was doing a favour with advert, quickly distanced itself from the advert and Fayose was alone than ever. Even his family rejected him for bringing their name to disrepute.

To all these he insisted he had no apology. Embarrassing himself, his state, his people his family even his mother is not a big deal to our Governor. If this is not madness, then I don’t know the meaning of the word!
I haven’t heard from my old collegues at Ife for a while now to know if they have changed their opinions about Fayose. I was only recently informed that one of them, now openly criticise him since the March 28 presidential election which Buhari won. If this is true, then I take it as a vindication of my earlier stand in my article OUR GOVERNOR HAS GONE MAD AGAIN.

As far as I am concerned, like I have always said, Fayose I know will never bring anything good to Ekiti. He is an embodiment of contradictions and mediocrity. This is the Fayose I know!