Buying Snow Blower: 3 Common Mistakes (And Solutions)

Snow can make it look like you cannot get through winter if you do not have the right tools to shovel, melt, or blow away the ice. If you ask other people around you, you will learn that back inquiries and falls are highly common during this season. The best way you can stop this trend is to know the mistakes that people make and learn how you can remove snow in an easier way.

Big, Popular Model is Better

When you buy a big, popular snowblower model, you may end up with more problems than you initially imagined. There are numerous types of these machines, but many of them are not suited to help you in your particular circumstances.

Consider your unique profile before you buy your snowblower. If your driveway is long or hilly and heavy snow coverage is a common problem in your area, go to a less powerful but popular machine at your peril. The reality is that you need the two-stage gas-powered option. They will be able to gather the snow and properly through it away. If you have a gravel driveway, these machines will also help you given that their wide augers that collect that snow do not touch the ground.

In the same way, if your driveway is flat, paved, mid-sized, and you hardly get heaps of snow, you should not go a heavy-duty blower. With a single-stage gas blower, you will likely be good to go whenever you notice snow coverage. They are light and easy to handle and will not cost you for no reason. Moreover, for short and flat driveways, a single-stage electric blower may be all you need if the snow coverage is not more than four inches. As such, your unique snow profile should determine the kind of machine that you should buy. 

Blowing Your Snow Fast Comes First

Your snowblower is meant to make your life easier, and not the other way round. Some people think that once they have bought the most expensive machines, they should settle down as soon as possible and start removing the snow. That is not entirely true. Your safety comes first. It is okay to take the time to be able to do it right and remain healthy. 

Before you start your snow blower, ensure you take the appropriate safety measures as a matter of priority. Do you have a gas-powered machine? Do not expose yourself to carbon monoxide poisoning because you are in a hurry. Start your snow blower in a well-ventilated place to limit the chances that you can ever be poisoned. Also, remember to wear your earplugs to protect your hearing system from the noise. You should also wear clothes that are stuck in the blower.

Furthermore, never use your feet or hands to clear a clog in it. Always use wooden brooms handles to do this in case your machine did not come with the clearing tool. If you are not competent enough to manage your blower, it best you ask someone else to do the work, as you can see your safety comes first.

High-Quality Blowers Need No Serious Maintenance

Whether you buy a gas-powered blower or not, you must invest in its maintenance if you want to best service for a long period. In some cases, you may have to mix both gas and oil to keep the machine lubricated. If you think that you can add gas alone, you need to change that. You can end up burning the engine or blowing up the entire system. You should also check your machine’s air filters regularly and while at it, pay special attention to the levers and impeller that engage it.  

If you no longer want to keep worrying about changing the oil, buy a snowblower that goes on an electric start and requires no oil to operate. However, you cannot say that means you will forgo regular maintenance. In this regard, be prepared to invest in the maintenance of your blower as per the owner’s manual to avoid unnecessary problems. 

Final Thoughts

Too popular or too big is not always better. If you have a small backyard and you choose an excessively huge blower may be due to its popularity, you may end up selling it at a throwaway price. Sometimes, you may need a single-stage gas blower because your snow profile is small and your driveway cannot accommodate a huge one. 

Besides, always remember that your safety comes first. If you think you cannot handle a particular blower properly, you should leave it alone. And, once you buy it, ensure it is used in the proper way and by the right persons to ensure nothing goes out of hand. As such, before you make your purchase decision, get to know the nature of these additional costs. Either way, you need high quality and efficient snow blower because you have no better way to avoid hours in the cold shivering.