It was Aristotle, an ancient Greek Philosopher, who introduced us to the concept of “mobocracy” (which is what we now know as democracy). “Mobocracy” a loose combination of “Mob” (a group of disorganized people or masses) and “cracy” (a system of government) is seen as the government of the masses, for “the greatest good for the greatest number.” Democracy is better appreciated when we consider our journey to rescue Nigerians from the strangle-hold of the clueless, corrupt-ridden, and satanic immediate past Goodluck Jonathan-led government. The worst form of all ‘decent’ democracies in the world, where few political elites- sat on the graves of innocent and unsung combatant citizens-almost run the country aground, it was as this point the general will of the people clamored for change, a new king was crowned, who-know-not Joseph, who by a start begins to block all leakages of our common wealth and making sure that those goats that ate our yam are regurgitating and vomiting same before more yams could be eaten from the barn!

It was Major Gideon Orkah in April 22, 1990 , driven by patriotism executed a failed coup to oust the pervert rule of General Ibrahim B. Babangida, who incidentally it was, prematurely terminated the first coming of then General Muhamudu Buhari sanctimonious military-regime meant to sanitize rogue left behind by the NPN-led government in the  Second Republic. In Buhari’s first coming he noted, in his avowed determination to fight corruption and its attendant ills, that: “anything that has a beginning must have an end. It will also suffice here to state that all Nigerians without skeleton in their cupboards need not to be afraid of this change. However, those with skeleton in their cupboards have all reasons to fear, because the time of reckoning has come”

In an attempt of self-preservation, corruption and other social ills, is now fighting back (apologies to Mallam Nuhu Ribadu). Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, PDP presidential campaign spokesman in the 2015 election in his characteristic shamelessness, irredentism (Association of Chest Beaters), sore political losers, ethnic jingoists and their likes -who should, like Osriches, have their heads buried in shame and eat the humble pie- are battling tooth and nail to distract the government from its spirited fight against corruption. This is coming on the heels of a country where thousands of innocent women, men and children molested, killed and maimed, including millions displaced from their economic livelihood. The most vocal of all  Mr Femi, who told us (before the suddenly turned mad) the 12 Commandments For President Jonathan one of which is that “ If Goodluck wants his fortunes and the fortunes of his party to change and if he wants peace to return to our shores he simply has to do twelves things…he must write an open letter of apology…for his manipulative ways and the gross incompetence and ineptitude” which the Government of President Muhamudu Buhari government is bent on correcting.

From the onset of this Government, the Waling Wailers (as Femi Adeshina once called them) as usual pronounced the government to be slow, directionless and lacking a clear economic policy to hit the ground running. The truth be told, the rots are enormous and discouraging but only slow and steady can win this race. How often have we heard this told?

All of a sudden, these same elements changed their miserable tones, steady is now in motion, the old song has found another rhythm…Tyranny is the last straw they are holding on to. Lol!, if the government is to be tyrannical, perhaps  it must be of the majority. Because we cannot keep quiet as a Poet painted: so that the worst part of hell would not to be reserved for us that know the truth and do nothing.

It is baffling and highly provocative, when an assassin is accusing the murderer; when an FFK, someone who in saner climes should be cooling off in the best parts of the prison, starts to teach us how to fight corruption. It is worrying when the thief begins to help you look for your missing item.  We find  self-righteous Femi sermonizing, “woe unto those that tremble before men of power and that worship false gods. Destruction and perdition awaits those who bow before Baal, who exalt the servants of Belial, who kiss the ring of the Baphomet, who say “Buhari is God” and who crawl at the feet of the Lord of the Flies.” Well said, Buhari is not God but our messiah as we bring the sermon to an end with Isaiah 7; 7 :Thus saith the Lord GOD, It shall not stand, neither shall it come to pass for the will of the wicked ones to prevail over us (Nigerians) and Nigeria. God bless our country. So much for the tyranny of the majority!

Remi Otuneye is a Political Scientist and Public Affairs Analyst based in Lagos. He can be reached on