It just occurred to me that there is a new way of fighting corruption in Nigeria. Trust me, you don’t need technology, like former President Jonathan sought to fight it. We also do not need to create more institutions like the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) or send a bill to establish an Anti-Corruption Court to the National Assembly. These ways are too cumbersome and expensive!

Before I go on to say how, let us say what is wrong with the old system of fighting corruption.

First, under the old system, the EFCC chairman had too many things to worry about. He has too many people to run after. Over a year now, we have been battling with the endless #DasukiGate, yet it appears as the days go by comes new dimensions to it. Before we run after federal thieves, think about state criminals when then will we go round the 774 Local pilferers? By then, I am sure the EFCC chairman must have aged fast and an older President than Buhari will cost us a State Burial!

Second, even when all these suspects are arrested, they will need to be tried in the Court of Law. Criminals have “rights”. Those that have caused millions to become orphans as a result of embezzling funds meant for arms; those that have “rights” to free medical facilities to the masses; those that were lawless syphoning public funds will insist on their “rights” to fair hearing under the “law”. All they will need to frustrate our hard work will be to get a judge (at the right price) to grant them favourable judgement. They will be free in a matter of days. With this, they have the legal permission to engage in endless looting of public funds!

In other to save us these stress, the surest way to fight corruption is for the Buhari administration to follow these few steps.

First, identify the suspect. In this case, since they are too much in this country, the suspect must be a “big fish”. A former minister or ex-Governor will just be fine to start with.

Second, “arrest” the suspect and get the media to announce it. in the age of social media, arresting a big fish for corruption is a big business for journalists. They will write all manner of things, leaving the public to continue to speculate in the following weeks on the same issue.

Third, get the media to inform the public that the suspect has confessed to committing the crime he or she is accused of. The media will do more than that. They will also report that the suspect has agreed to “refund” the money he or she stole into the government coffers. When this is done, release the suspect and tell him or her to “behave” hence they may be re-arrested.

The most important part of this new way is to get the suspect to join your party. Once he joins your party, having “refunded the money s/he stole”, you have gained on two grounds: there is more money in the coffers and the suspect in now in your party to serve as your consultant. How better can it get with this new way of fighting corruption?


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