Jack Schafer of The Politico recently completed a fascinating linguistics analysis that proves the communicative immaturity of a very prominent presidential candidate: Donald Trump.

Schafer carefully examined the numerous subtleties and intricacies of Trump’s typical speech structures. With this information, Schafer has come to the conclusion that Donald Trump is the ideal candidate for less astute conservatives who can’t seem to figure out left from right. He presented his research in an August 13 column, claiming that Trump talks like a simpleton. Schafer and others are even speculating that his speeches are designed to win the votes of citizens with lower IQs.

According to Schafer, Trump prefers to use short, block-like words, and he combines them into short, block-like speeches instead of linking together multi-syllabic terms and complex phrases. If Trump’s speeches were marketed as a children’s toy, Schafer believes that his words would represent a minuscule box of Lincoln Logs.
When Schafer analyzed the presidential candidate’s replies at a recent Fox News debate, he came to even more humorous discovery; Trump’s linguistic style only scored at a grade-school level. In fact, he scored lower than almost all of the other GOP candidates. Trump’s score averages at a 4th-grade level, but at some of his debates, he’s only managed to reach a 3rd-grade linguistic level.
Other researchers have shown that bigoted people tend to have a decreased cognitive capacity. Many experts believe that this low capacity for understanding is the reason why a portion of the population is prejudiced; simpler ideologies are easier for them to understand.

Although Schafer still believes that Donald Trump has a reasonable intelligence level beneath his political facade, many progressives are unconvinced.

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