A Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), ActionAid Nigeria, has urged the federal government on the need to orientate citizens on how corruption affects every individual in the society as a key to eradicating corruption. Premium Times reports.

The chairman of the governing board of the group, Patricia Donli, made the call during a press conference after the organisation’s Annual General Meeting held in Abuja on Saturday.

In her address titled “State of the Nigeria Nation,” she said corruption remains the greatest epidemic in the country and citizens ought to be aware of the link between corruption and the lack of infrastructure in Nigeria.

She added that proper orientation would help Nigerians see the negative side of corruption and cease to glorify suspects.

On his part, Mac John Nwaobiala, the convener of the 2017 general assembly, stressed that the government needs to invest in the fight against corruption by enlightening workers across federal, state and local governments as well as school children, religious leaders and non-governmental organisations on the menace.

“Orientation should be given to young graduates entering the civil service on how to save and obtain loans. Corruption thrives because of fear of the unknown in which general incentives can reduce corruption in the society,” he said.

Also speaking, the country director, ActionAid Nigeria, Ojobo Ode Atuluku, called for local government councils to be granted autonomy so that more matters affecting citizens can be solved there.

She warned that while the whistle blowing policy of the federal government appeared to have been effective since its recent introduction, it could also become a tool for blackmail; therefore, the government must seek better ways of eradicating corruption.

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